Loupe films


Loupe Films combines the experience, knowledge and vision of film maker, David Broder and theatre practitioner, Simona Hughes. We are committed to making thought-provoking, resonant film and TV that is beautifully crafted. 

David brings over 25 years of craft and experience in the film industry and has worked on numerous critically acclaimed films with some of the finest filmmakers in the world including Paul Thomas Anderson, Michael Apted, Luc Besson, David Cronenberg, Tom Hooper, Garth Jennings, George Lucas, Steven Soderbergh, Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone.

He produced the award-winning film ‘Let Me Go’ in 2017 and is currently working on the feature film ‘County Lines’ which is being distributed by the BFI in Spring 2020.

Simona has directed several critically acclaimed theatre productions in London fringe venues and is currently working on her own play ‘About 500’ which will have it’s world premiere at Das Das in Istanbul and it’s UK premiere at London’s VAULT festival in March 2020.

T: 07976 397 466